Friends of West Somerset Railway

The Friends of West Somerset Railway (FoWSR) is a properly constituted fund raising group, for the West Somerset Railway.

Virtually all the monies we raise from donations and membership subscriptions, will fund projects to enhance the railway’s operation and visitors’ experience.


We keep costs to an absolute minimum by:-

  • Being a purely web based organisation – no office, telephones etc..
  • Being an all volunteer organisation.
  • Owning very few assets to maintain.

We invite you to help by:

  • Becoming a member
  • Donating to our projects
  • Using “EasyFundRaising” web site when shopping online.
  • If you are a local accommodation provider, become a business member.

Membership benefits are:-

  • 25% discount on standard fares on the West Somerset Railway
  • 10% discount on all purchases in the Minehead Station Shop.
  • Access to the members’ pages on our website where there are occasional articles of interest
  • "Minehead Flyer" news letters published electronically [hard copy available at a small extra cost]


Works Sponsored by Friends of West Somerset Railway.
This web camera shows the view from the corner of Minehead Signal Box looking at the end of the platform. The camera is a slight slant to give the widest possible view of the station and surrounding track.



"WATER water everywhere" Project - Phase 1

water towerVisitors to the Spring Steam Gala will notice that the water tower adjacent to the turntable at Minehaed now has a GWR style "parachute" top. Fabricated and fitted by the Minehead Locomotive department it has been part funded by "Friends of West Somerset Railway" and is the first part of their ambitious "Water water everywhere" project  to provide better watering facilities on WSR. The scaffolding around the tower will be removed in good time for the Gala.
The next phase will be to pay for a an identical top to the water tower in Minehead Locomotive yard. Your donations are essential and most welcome and easily give by clicking the Donate button  below.


Latest News

Friends of West Somerset Railway - The FUTURE!

Announcing the Friends of West Somerset Railway 2016 AGM


The JULY 2016 edition of the WSR ONLINE Newsletter is now available for Members.

The FoWSR sponsored web camera at Minehead station has been decommissioned but don't panic...... with the help and support of Phil O'Ryan and the team at a very higher quality and wider angle camera is now operational and can be seen by visiting the Minehead Streaming Web Camera page.


A little bit late, but we hope you'll understand!  The latest edition of the FoWSR Minehead Flyer is now published



It is now nearly three years since Friends of West Somerset Railway was founded.  Since that time we have established some modus operandi as a web based fund raiser open to membership by one and all.  We offer some benefits and there is a preferential membership rate for WSR volunteers which recognises their importance.

So what have we achieved?   We have funded the installation and operating costs of the Minehead (located within the signal box) webcam and assisted with the costs of fabrication and installation of the GWR 'parachute top' on the Minehead water tower located adjacent to the turntable. We have funds available for the next stage of the 'water, water' project.

Whilst we are pleased with the progress we have made we recognise that we need to achieve far more.  We would benefit from an enlarged membership and specifically more help including Committee Members.

We have deliberately kept our position low key, not wishing to in any way antagonise relationships between the Plc and WSRA. However, has the time come for FoWSR to take a more proactive stance?   Should we mount a major project funding exercise for instance?

We would appreciate your views.  

  • What do you think we should be doing?  
  • Can you help us spread the word?  
  • How should we relate, or not, with the various station 'Friends' groups?
  • Should we work in conjunction with the West Somerset Railway Association?  
  • Are there complementary roles for the Association as a Charity and for FoWSR as a non charity?

Let us know what you think on these issues or any others to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you

Michael Rowe (FoWSR Chair)


Another Thursday on the West Somerset Railway



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Members Offers

timthumb Great news and a bonus for FoWSR members. On presentation of you FoWSR membership card you will receive a 10% discount on any purchase from the Buffer Stop Shop. Call in and see the good folks at the Minehead shop or click on the photo of the shop here.